iOS 8.3 is here: What's new for customers

Apple launched the latest iteration of its popular iOS operating system that powers a range of Apple's devices like iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch.

Named iOS 8.3, the new OS prominently brings in a flurry of multi-cultural emoji characters that go beyond the traditional Caucasian skin tones. You will now be able to use emoji characters with a variety of skin tones and family options.

The new OS also brings in wireless connectivity for Apple's CarPlay platform. Users will no longer have to connect the system with a Lightning cable to make it work. The CarPlay feature comes in-built in select Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz cars and helps users to control the car's entertainment and GPS system.

The iOS 8.3 also lends Siri with several new accents and languages. These include Russian, Danish, Dutch, Thai, Swedish, Turkish and Portuguese. Siri will also be able to make calls via speakerphones.

iPhone users will also be able to filter incoming messages as junk and will be able to club messages from unknown senders in a separate list. Downloading free apps from the App Store will also be possible without password authentication.

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