4K video set to be the norm as compression technology takes shape

Thanks to a new video compression technology, you will be able to download or stream UHD videos in the near future using that same bandwidth that you need for streaming standard quality videos now.

V-Nova, a London firm that works on advanced video and image processing hardware, have developed a new technology named 'Perseus' that can reduce the size of 4k videos by nearly half without any noticeable change in video quality.

This means that instead of using up to 22 Mbps bandwidth of your home Wi-Fi, you will require as less as 7-8 Mbps to stream 4k videos once the new compression technology is adopted in the UK, which makes it three simultaneous 4k streams at the same time.

Even though the technology is yet to be implemented, it has garnered interest from major telecoms and broadcasting companies including Sky, Intel, and the European Broadcasting union.

Mobile internet users who like to stream Full HD videos in their devices will also be in for a treat. V-Nova's compression technology will reduce bandwidth usage while streaming to the same level as streaming music now.

Speaking to the BBC, Ian Maude, media expert at Enders Analysis, said, “This is cutting-edge technology that will be welcomed by pay TV companies, and TV manufacturers because it will help drive 4K sales.”

“But there are still limiting factors to the take-up of 4K including whether networks are capable of meeting demand, having a device able to display an ultra-high definition picture, and the amount of content currently being shot in 4K,” he added.

Even though Perseus is set to debut in the United States in a few months from now, there is hope that British broadcasters and content distributors will begin to implement the technology in their UHD videos before the end of the year.

Traditionally known as 4k, UHD videos carry resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. To record and play 4k videos in your smartphone, you need to own a device that has a Snapdragon 800 chipset or any of its later versions. If you are an iPhone user, you need to use the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus which can play 4k videos thanks to the latest A8 chip.

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