You can now order products with the push of a button!

Amazon has come up with a unique solution that lets you order products lying down in your bed or while cooking a meal in your kitchen.

A new invention named the Dash button can be placed anywhere in the house through an adhesive strip on its back. The button connects with your home Wi-Fi and is linked with a specific product sold by Amazon. Once you press on that button, an order will get registered at Amazon instantly and will be processed through your credit card information on file. Deliveries will usually take approximately 48 hours once a button is pushed.

This little piece of technology saves you the time and the effort of making an order online or through the Amazon mobile phone app. Amazon launched Dash buttons with 18 different partners on March 31st, with a separate button dedicated for each partner. Prime members of Amazon can get the buttons for free.

We all know children can be real pests in the house and a flashy new button pasted in the kitchen or in your bedroom will interest them to no end. If your little ones are prone to hit the buttons every time they pass by, you need not worry. The buttons are configured in a way that once an order is registered, no matter how many times you press that button, another order won't get registered until the earlier product has been delivered.

Even though the buttons will not come with magnetic strips, a small bumper on the devices will let you hang them on hooks or strings.

Also being launched is Amazon's new Dash Replenishment Service. This technology can be configured into Amazon's products like coffee-makers, washer/dryers, printers, and pet food dispensers. Several sensors installed by Amazon's partners in the machines can keep track of the reservoirs and filter supplies and can make an order automatically when the remaining quantity is low and the machine needs a refill.

While you may find this technology disturbing if you are prone to buying the same product from different brands or wish to choose when to buy what, you can always turn off the feature or go with Amazon's subscribe and save service that offers discounts on repeated purchase of the same product.

These new features may sound very convenient and a secure way to shop, but at the same time they are slowly taking over from the good old shops around the corner that we were so accustomed to. Given that there's still time before online retail can take over completely, our future generations will have a completely different view of how to go about their shopping than we do now.

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