How about a classical Swiss watch with a SmartBand? Here's one for you

Korean-American watchmaker Kairos Watches has entered a new partnership deal with the Swiss firm Sequel AG which is the exclusive distributor of GUESS Watches and Gc Watches worldwide.

As part of the deal, Kairos Watches will provide the smart watch technology behind the Hybrid Mechanical Smart Watch and the Kairos T-Band. If you didn't know this, Kairos Watches created the world's first mechanical smart watch hybrid model.

You will now be able to buy Guess Watches and Gc Watches with features usually seen in most smartwatches. Kairos Watches will incorporate features like viewing incoming phone calls and texts, weather alerts and e-mail as well as playing music and running a stopwatch timer. You will also be able to view new notifications on your Twitter account.

The smart features will be viewable on a transparent LED and will appear to float above the mechanical watch movement. The best part is that once you turn the Bluetooth off, your watch will look exactly like any other Guess Watch with a classic Swiss design.

The new partnership will also bring in custom-made T-Bands for specific watches from Sequel AG's range. The T-Band is equipped with almost all features available in a smartwatch and features fitness tracking capability as well such as optical heart rate sensor and motion sensors. What's more, it can replace the band of nearly any watch in the market. This will allow you to keep your existing classic watch and still enjoy smartwatch features and track your fitness levels.

Sam Yang, Founder and Managing Director of Kairos Watches, said, “Mechanical watch enthusiasts who are interested in the convenience of a smart watch will soon be able to choose amongst an array of leading watch brands that embrace Kairos’ cutting-edge smart watch technologies."

"GUESS Watches and Gc Watches feature a spectrum of designs and styles, ranging from classic, fashionable, and daring designs," he added.

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