Revealed: The secret smartphone that's keeping LG busy

Forever in the news, XDA developers have done it again.

A post by user s3rv1cet3ch has revealed images of a LG smartphone that doesn't look like any LG device in the market.

You guessed right. It’s a phone that LG has been working on, or has finished working but is yet to launch.

At first look, the device resembles the LG G3 a lot. But if you look closer, it's got a lot more than the G3.

Firstly, the front camera is placed on the top right area of the device as against the top left area in the G3.

Then the power/lock key design at the back of the phone has been changed from circular to oval. Maybe LG thought about tweaking around with the design to give it a better look.

Also, the new phone features a stylus-like protrusion at the back which suggests, like the source claimed, that this could be the LG G4 Note. Some reports also claim that this could be a Korean TV antenna instead.

Available pictures also suggest that the new device is compatible with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OS as well as 4G LTE network. The user, who claims to be a T-mobile employee, claimed that he is testing the new device for the network operator.

While we can comment only on the looks so far, we are more interested to hear about the internal features to see if LG is bringing anything significant to the market with this new device.

Watch this space. 


Image source: XDA Developers

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