Facebook aims at less chatter and more messaging with new Messenger Platforms

Not happy with a product you recently bought? Oh well, let's just be happy with it. It'll be a lot better than calling the manufacturer and haggle about it for a month or so.

What if you didn't have to ever listen to chirpy customer care executives playing around with your pulse and promising a call back which takes forever to come?

Mark Zuckerberg seems to have come up with a solution.

Facebook hosted a developer conference in San Francisco where Zuckerberg was at his revolutionary best.

"Currently, if you want to get in touch with a business, most of us probably still call. But I actually don't know anyone who likes calling businesses. It's just not fast or convenient and it definitely doesn't feel like the future," he said.

To walk that talk, Facebook is set to allow developers and businesses to enter the Messenger space with the launch of a Messenger Platform for the former and a ‘Businesses on Messenger’ offering for the latter.

Through Businesses on Messenger, businesses can now focus on building a greater online presence. You will be able to make orders, track packages, make changes, give feedback and ask questions through Messenger. This will ensure you will never have to call up a business again and every interaction will be documented.

Developers will also build apps for Messenger using which you will be able to share photos, animated GIFs and audio among other media, making Messenger the most comprehensive and inclusive interactive platform in the world.

While software development kits for developers are now available, the Businesses on Messenger will kick off in the next few weeks.

Messenger has had only 600 million takers so far out of Facebook's user base of 1.5 billion. It even trails Whatsapp by 200 million that makes space for a lot more investment and innovation if it needs to keep its head above the water.

We are sure about Facebook going all out to promote the new platforms. But acceptability will be the key in the long run.

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