Pebble Time bags $20 million on Kickstarter push. Any guesses for the Apple Watch?

Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, the latest editions of the Pebble Watch, have gobbled up nearly $20 million so far in a push to garner sales before Apple Watch hits the turf.


Leading up to 2014, Pebble fared well in the smartwatch market in the US, garnering 18 per cent share and finishing second only to the Samsung Gear. This year, Pebble brought in two new smartwatches with great new features and backed them up with a popular rewards based campaign on Kickstarter. 


If you thought this is what most smartwatch makers would normally do, here's the difference. Pebble marketed the new watches in every way that would differentiate them from the upcoming Apple Watch. Their USP turned out to be what is commonly Apple's Achilles Heel, the battery life. Pebble promised up to 7 days to Apple's 18 hours at best. 


Next up was the price. The Pebble Time Steel cost just $249 compared to $549 for the Apple Watch Steel version. What's more, Pebble brought in a coloured e-paper display to Apple's OLED, water proof watches that the Apple Watch isn't and a non-touch screen to Apple's touch screen.


This could probably explain Pebble's remarkable performance in the last two months. Now here's the catch. The Apple Watch is set to hit stores on 24th April, and if most predictions are true, more than 8.3 million Apple Watches will be sold in UK alone in the first month. 


Available in three variants, the Apple Watch will hit the pinnacle of connectivity and multi-functionality, being compatible with the latest iOS infrastructure and featuring an array of apps never seen before in a smartwatch.


Most researches so far are looking at figures in excess of $500 million in worldwide sales in the initial months with Apple set to cross $1 trillion mark, a landmark that has never been set foot upon by any enterprise since the currency was invented.


Having already earned $20 million so far, it will be interesting to see if the impressive numbers or Pebble will remain on the upward curve once the Apple Watch sets sail.


How much do you think Apple will earn from sales of the Apple Watch? 


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