Facebook delves in the past again with new On This Day feature

If you still fondly remember the day when Facebook sprung the Year in Review feature on your profile page last year, you are in for another surprise.

Facebook has launched a new feature named On This Day that delves in your past and brings up photos, posts and status updates that you posted or were tagged in years ago.

As the name suggests, the updates appear as they happened on the same day in the previous years. Set for private viewing by default, Facebook lets you share some of these updates with your family, friends or colleagues as you desire. You can also edit or delete posts, photos or status updates that you feel are unwanted or not relevant anymore.

Being rolled out globally, the feature is yet to reach Facebook's entire user base. Once it hits your account, you can either view it on you news feed or visit facebook.com/onthisday.

Even though On This Day isn't the first time Facebook attempted to build a collection of your memories, the idea seems to be heavily borrowed from Timehop, a  popular third-party service with iOS and Android apps. With daily visits averaging 6 million, Timehop collects photos and posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Foursquare and the iPhone camera roll and unravels them on a single platform.

Facebook's previous venture, the Year In Review, gave some viewers an entirely opposite experience than what Facebook intended. Some viewers had to endure photos and posts of near and dear ones who have since departed or romantic partners who were later separated.

To avoid this, Facebook has brought in safeguards like not including old updates which were since changed by the user and also not including memories of those who have since passed on.

With a user base of nearly a billion people, Facebook is a an essential aspect of life for many. Like the Year In Review, the just-launched On This Day could also be a very popular and talked-about feature in the days to come. We would surely love to give it a try one it hits our desktops.

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