Google's Nexus Player to hit Amazon's UK stores this week

Amazon is set to launch the Asus Nexus Player in the UK this week. Priced at £80, the device will run Android TV and is powered by a 1.8GHz Atom processor. It also features 8GB internal storage and 1GB RAM.

Rumour has it that the device may appear in Amazon's online store this Thursday. Once launched, the Asus Nexus Player will run into major competition from Amazon's own Fire TV as well as Google's Chromecast.

Being shipped on all Smart TVs from Sony this year, Android TV has been a major success. Users receive personalized content recommendations from Google Play and YouTube and can view their apps on the home screen. The software also brings in content from the Google Play Store and partners like Netflix and Hulu and can be controlled from any smartwatch with Android Wear OS.

As per reports, the Nexus Player has been developed with a preference towards offering premium gaming and entertainment experience to the customers. It can be used with a game controller and can stream video and audio files like the Chromecast. From a user's point of view, it will contain more features than Amazon's Fire TV and sleeker and more versatile than Chromecast.

While the failed Google TV project was revived with the Chromecast, it may seem that the Nexus player may not run into muddy waters given Android TV's reputation.


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