Five reasons why Sony's SmartEyeGlass will be the perfect wearable for you

Sony announced the launch of a developer version of the SmartEyeGlass in February. The launch was meant for developers to create apps for the wearable before the final release for consumer markets.

Here are five reasons why the SmartEyeGlass could be the perfect device for you once it is launched:

You'll never miss the road

Being essentially an eyewear, the SmartEyeGlass will ensure that you can view notifications, read texts, make calls and take pictures while driving a car or simply walking on the road.

The binocular view will also help you see far away objects much clearer than usual.

Round-the-clock display

The SmartEyeGlass can connect to smartphones using Android 4.1 and later operating systems. Once connected, the gadget uses internet access to view and navigate through apps as well as to browse the internet.

The simple hands-free functionality will let you control the gadget through eye movements or through voice commands using the microphone. This can at least put an end to bringing out the phone out of your pockets constantly, and keep your hands from freezing in the cold or getting wet in the rain.

Music in your Glasses

With an advanced speaker in controller and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, you will be able to browse through and play your music files with great ease. With Sony's established reputation in sound quality, you will be in for a great experience.


You'll never get lost

The SmartEyeGlass contains a range of functionalities like an electronic compass and accelerometer and enables users to access walking directions and online maps at all times. So no matter where you are and whatever you're doing, you'll never lose sight of home.

You can play games with your eyes

Sony's Software Development Kit for developers is set to allow developers to build apps for the SmartEyeGlass. The most interesting of them will suely be the gaming apps. During the launch, Sony displayed the excellent AR Shooting Game that brought forth the SmartEyeGlass' capability of displaying augmented reality visions for the user.

With at least another five months to go before the SmartEyeGlass will be released for consumers, we expect more and more funcionality to be revealed as developers get more accustomed with the device. With a fairly comfortable feel and varied features, the SmartEyeGlass will ensure that we'll keep asking for more.

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