Apple clears out rival fitness devices from its stores

Apple has begun clearing up its retail and online stores of rival accessories to make way for the upcoming Apple Watch.

A report by CNET revealed that the Jawbon Up and the Nike+ FuelBand are no longer available for sale in several stores in the United States. The Mio heartrate tracking device also disappeared from Apple's online store recently.

To be launched on April 24, the Apple Watch contains several health and fitness tracking capabilities apart from regular smartwatch functions. It can perform functions like calculating calories burnt, measuring distances and speed and monitoring heart rate.

An Apple spokesman didnt appear too concerned with the discovery, stating "we regularly evaluate and make changes to our merchandise mix," to a query posted by CNET.

Liz Dickinson, CEO of Mio, said that Apple informed her of their decision to remove the Mio heartrate tracker from their shelves, citing a need to minimize and clean up a number of accessories.

The move by Apple isn't an unique one though. The Fitbit fitness device was shown the door last November, following reports that Fitbit wasn't planing to support Apple's HealthKit tool.It now seems that Apple is prepared to pull all stops to ensure that the Apple Watch is a rousing success. Having served as the pioneer in smartphone and tablet technology in the last decade, a poor performance by the Apple Watch may not cause too much stress on the finances, but could go a long way to dampen Apple's stature as the most valued enterprise in the world.




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