Apple Watch set for record sales in UK just ahead of launch

Apple's next big event is just hours away, and rumours about the launch of the much anticipated Apple Watch is turning into a crescendo. Even though there have been a few whispers concerning the launch of a new 12 inch Macbook and the iPad Pro, the Apple Watch has stood out in terms of the fan factor.

A recent study has revealed that more than one in ten respondents in the UK would buy an Apple Watch. If they do, more than 8.3 million Apple Watches will be sold in UK alone. Conducted by Conjure, a firm creating apps for brands, the study also measured the factors that would lead the average customer to opt for a smartwatch over other connected devices.

An significant 12.95 per cent of respondents said that the fashionability of their smartwatches would impact their purchasing decisions, and another 12.45 per cent believe a battery running longer than a week without a charge would be the prime reason behind going for smartwatches.

Among all factors, nearly half the respondents said that smartwatches that tell the time would be ideal for them, and a significant number of respondents prioritized accessibiliy features like reviewing texts from their smartwatches (27.4 pr cent), navigating (26.10 per cent, keeping track of appointments and schedules (21.55 per cent) and making and receiving phone calls from their smartwatches (19.70 per cent).

However, the respondents were not too enthusiastic about smartwatches with cameras (13.65 per cent) and those that could play music via Bluetooth (11.35 per cent).

Speaking on the eve of the upcoming event, Sam Clark, MD of Conjure, said, “Our data suggests that the ‘Apple factor’ will make today’s launch the tipping point for the smartwatch market. 8.3m Brits believe they would buy a smartwatch made by Apple – if even half that number actually end up buying a device the product will be hailed as a success in the UK. At the moment, brands with smartwatch apps appear cool and aspirational to consumers – but that ‘smartwatch effect’ is only going to be a short-term thing. In the long-term, brands need apps that complement the limited size and functionality of wrist-borne devices – and make the most of their potential for delivering contextually relevant notifications.”

Though we are sure that the Apple Watch will come loaded with several new and exciting features, we can't wait to give the latest gadget from Apple a long road test to see if its really worth it.


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