Apple iPad Pro launch deferred till September


With rumours flying high on the impending launch of Apple's latest and largest iPad Pro in March, iPad lovers are sure to get disappointed with several new updates coming our way this morning.

Trusted Reviews claims that the launch of the much anticipated iPad Pro has been shifted to the second half of the year. This may coincide with the traditional iPhone launch dates in September.

However, a new report from Bloomberg also claims that production of the iPad Pro could begin in September, possibly a few weeks before the launch.

Not to be left behind, the Wall Street Journal also confirmed the production to begin in the second half of 2015, albeit post several new business-focussed features being added to the device.

The iPad Pro is also rumoured to come with an additional USB 3.0 port for swift data transfers and maintaining backup, along with separate ports for connecting keyboards and a mouse which makes the iPad Pro sound more like a mini laptop to begin with.

These new updates, though delayed, are sure to make Apple's next behemoth the most feature-laden and business-friendly iPad ever. Even though it will not be feasible to assume the prices to be modest, we will wait for updates from Apple in this regard.

You'll be the first to know once that happens. Stay tuned.

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