MWC15: Silent Circle launches the world's first enterprise privacy suite

Silent Circle today unveiled the world's first enterprise privacy platform, with a series of launches including a mobile phone, a tablet, three softwares and three privacy-related services.

The all new Blackphone 2 offers integration with existing MDM systems like Citrix and works with a faster processor, increased memory, and a larger battery and display over the original Blackphone released last year in Mobile World Congress.



Blackphone+, the first privacy focussed tablet in the world, works on next generation technology to offer the best privacy solutions to consumers.

The three softwares launched at the event are the PrivatOS, Silent Suite and Silent Meeting. The PrivatOS, as the name suggests, is the underlying operating system of the Blackphone 2 and the Blackphone+. It contains Spaces, which Silent Circle calls 'an OS-level virtualization and and management solution that enables devices to be used for all aspects of mobile life without compromising choice, privacy or ease-of-use. Geared specifically for the enterprise, it keeps enterprise and personal apps.' IT administrators can now even lock or remove the 'Spaces' to protect the enterprise' privacy.

The Silent Suite enables private and encrypted communication for negitiations and communication. It can be used in PrivatOS, iOS as well as Android operating systems.

The suite also enables users to make voice and video calls in HD clarity over encrypted VoIP, send encrypted texts as well as save encrypted contacts.

'Silent Meeting' is a secure conference calling system for multiple participants. through a visual interface that can schedule meetings, invite participants and monitor attendees.

Among the services, the 'Silent Store' is an app store focussed purely on privacy related apps. It is pre-installed on all Blackphone devices.

The 'Silent World' service allows users to communicate with those who do not own a silent phone. The 'Silent Manager' enables enterprises to manage plans, users and devices through a web-based platform.

Speaking at the launch, Mike Janke, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Silent Circle Board, said, “Traditional security solutions have failed global enterprise in a mobile world and make data and privacy breaches feel inevitable to most enterprises. What’s more, these breaches have evolved and have much broader impact. They now put every customer, employee and partner at risk. They are eroding the trust people have in enterprises. They have moved privacy firmly to the top of the boardroom agenda.”

Being the first ever privacy suite of its kind, the enterprise solution will surely find takers in the corporate world. However, the prices and availability dates are yet to be revealed by Silent Circle.


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