MWC15: HTC brings in 'Grip' fitness tracker and 'Vive' VR Headset

HTC has unveiled its new 'Grip' fitness tracker featuring five precision sensors including GPS tracking system.


Grip can be adjusted into a multi-sport mode where it can monitor fitness on the basis of different sporting activities like running, walking and cycling. The device can provide training data and notifications to the user while on the move.

Users will now be able to invite their friends to customised fitness challenges as well.

HTC has also announed the development of its all new 'Vive' Virtual Reality headset. The headset is being developed in partnership with Valve, the global leader in gaming technology.

With advanced features like 90Hz refresh rate, context awareness control and hand movement tracking among others, the possibilities that the new device can achieve are limitless. Users will be able to experience and control situations from as simple as walking through a street to as complex as looking at Earth from outer space.


With the 'Vive' VR Headset still in the developmental stage, HTC says that the Developer edition will be rolled out in the spring of 2015, and the consumer edition will follow before the end of the year.

More details on the Vive will be available soon in HTC's new website

Having launched the One M9 smartphone earlier, the addition of the excellent Grip fitness tracker and the Vive VR Headset suggests HTC is on its way to become a major player in the tech space in the near future.


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