The HTC One M9 is a timeless classic made better

HTC have today announced their new flagship at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

HTC One M9 is the third iteration in HTC’s One arsenal and follows in the footsteps of 2014’s hugely popular and lauded One M8.

The stunning new flagship from the company echoes the design ethos of its predecessors with a hairline texture all-metal back and sides. HTC say that the inspiration for their newest addition to their impressive list of devices was jewellery, and not just any jewellery but premium luxury jewellery.

With the One M8, the design of the phone had evolved and moved forward from the One M7. It was the first time that they wrapped the metal around the sides of the phone. This year they have brought all those design ethos forward with all the craftsmanship, ergonomics and structure. The back of the phone is still a curve- fitting snugly into the palm of your hand.

The metal gives it a pleasant weighty feel, making it seem very premium and like an extension of your accessories, jewellery and probably a very expensive watch. The two-tone element of the dual coloured metal on the phone stuns and do forgive us for going on and on about it.

Available with polished sides and brushed metal back- the metal seems to ebb and flow around the device, presenting itself really well right from the machined touch power in the power button to the sapphire crystal lens. We will not just bore you with the looks however.

A phone is more than just what it looks like. Massive transformations internally are, sadly, thin on the ground. One of the biggest transformation is the themes application. Completely transformational, and personisable (if there is such a word, but am sure you get what we mean!) Themes bring in visual transformation to all your real estate on the phone not just as a front-door makeover.

Right from HTC One M9’s wallpapers to icons, sounds, fonts, music player, text messages- everything gets hued according to the image you choose. The ‘Icarus’ print by Henri Matisse was used to show us what was possible when the owner of the new HTC One M9 wanted it as their phone’s wallpaper. The phone picked out the principal colours within it (not difficult as the print has only three colours: blue, black and yellow). The transformation is amazing- there is a real sense of continuity through the whole ecosystem of the phone.

The idea is to let the owner be the designer while the phone almost helps them along. HTC’s bespoke overlay on Android, Sense also intuitively adjusts icons on the home screen, moving them along and changing them to your needs. It can figure out if you are at home or outside, offering up a smorgasboard of suggestions based on where you are so a smart remote control if you are home to bus timetables when you step outside to routes home when you step out of work. blinkfeed- location pictures/ restaurant recommendations.

Boom sound now comes with dolby audio.

20MP camera with dual flash

5 inch full HD display.

Super LCD latest qualcomm 810 processor


3GB ram, 32 storage.

128 SD card +100GB google drive cloud storage for 2 years free.

2800mAH battery

4 Ultrapixel with rear cam 20MP

Accessories: Games for dot view case draw and play messages on the cover.

IPX68 case as well. 

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