LG reveals a new Watch Urbane variant with LTE connectivity

LG is soon to unveil a new variant of the popular LG Watch Urbane- the LG Watch Urbane LTE at the Mobile World Congress in March.

Even though the name suggests that LG has, for the first time, brought in a smartwatch with an LTE connectivity, there's a lot more to it.

Firstly, LG has decided to discard the traditional Android Wear OS. Surprisingly, LG claims that the Watch isn't even powered by the WebOS, suggesting that it is now bringing in its own operating system to power the new variant.

The LTE connectivity enables users to make Voice-over LTE calls, messages and use the variant as a walkie-talkie.

In addition, in a move that suggests that smartwatches offer no less functionality than smartphones, LG has also incorporated a NFC terminal in the LTE variant for making wireless payments.

This would again make it the first smartwatch to do so, given that the Apple Watch is still a month away to say the least. We expect the variant to feature alongside the LG Watch Urbane at the MWC, though we believe the former could offer longer battery life owing to the stronger 700mAH battery. However, it may also come with a larger price tag given the added LTE connectivity.

Given its a watch after all, we expect the size to remain exactly the same as the flagship and powered by the Snapdragon 400 chip.

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