Sony Xperia Z4 tablet turns up in Sony's Xperia Lounge

By Jay Jay

If you were fishing today for gadgets leaks just in anticipation for the MWC, you'd be very lucky if you caught this one.

Sony's upcoming Xperia Z4 tablet made an unexpected and short-lived appearance today at Sony's Xperia Lounge Android application.

With no word from Sony concerning the gadget's release in the recent past, this surely was a surprise.

The 'leaked' image appeared somewhat similar to the existing Xperia Z3 with round metal edges. It also carries the excellent 2k display and is as thin as a tablet could be. The device surely looks like a finished product, and one that could possibly make an appearance, though not unexpectedly now that we have carried this, in the MWC come March.

With gadget launches gathering pace as the MWC draws near, we are sure to hear more about the much anticipated Xperia Z4 in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

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