Lenovo admits adware oopsie with Superfish, to release corrective tool

By Jay Jay

Lenovo's Chief Technology Officer today admitted that the firm made a major blunder with the Superfish software, and that its planning to release an automated tool to remove the adware completely from affected PCs.

Even though the tool will be available by the weekend, Lenovo has already published instructions for consumers on how to remove the Superfish software from their PCs themselves.

Peter Hortensius, the CTO, said, “Going forward, we feel quite strongly that we made a significant mistake here, or we missed something here. We’re removing it as thoroughly as we possibly can,” he added.

The major issue with Superfish software was that even though it required the consumer's approval to release adware, it issued its own security certificates that replaces all SSL certificates presented by HTTPS sites.

Hortensius has been quite humble and apologetic on the issue. “We have procedures... where we asked the right questions, but we clearly didn’t do a thorough enough job on this. And we’re going to do a very deep investigation in what we do to make this better... and how we make sure we don’t ever repeat this again,” he said.

He went on to hint that even though Lenovo and Superfish had a “minor commercial relationship” in the past, any future deal would not be for a very long time.

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