Sony SmartEyeGlass to go on sale 10th March

By Jay Jay

Sony is back, and how.

Out of the blue, the electronics giant has returned to the forefront with the announcement of a developer version of the SmartEyeGlass.

The device will be available for sale in the UK on 10th March at £624 apiece.

Going on sale in the UK, US and Germany, the SmartEyeGlass will allow developers to create apps for it before it's finally unveiled for consumers as well as commercial customers.

While bulkier than the Google Glass, the SmartEyeGlass features a cable containing microphones and buttons to navigate through its menus. The gadget can provide regular notifications as well as walking directions.

The internet access is enabled through Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. A monochrome, bright green display features in the glass as against a full colour screen in the Google Glass.

Since the SmartEyeGlass cannot be mounted over traditional eyeglasses, users with weak eyesight will have to use lenses to be able to use it. The battery will be able to support the smart glass for around two and a half hours of continuous use. However, the same will go down to 80 minutes if he user turns the 3 megapixel camera on for an extended period.

For industrial use, the SmartEyeGlass will also start selling in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden from 10th March onwards.

Sony will also be releasing a new Software Development Kit along with the SmartEyeGlass for developers and geeks. Even though the Google Glass project, despite being ambitious, turned into a dud following heavy pricing as well as compatibility issues, Sony seems to have learnt from it's failure by offering the smart glass at almost half the price.

We are sure that once the developers are ready wih the finished product, we will find a much more promising product than the Google Glass.

Fingers crossed.

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