MWC 2015 preview: What to expect

It is that time of the year again when the juggernaut that is Mobile World Congress rears its head again.

The annual trade show for consumer electronics but principally showcasing mobile phones, tablets and, of late, wearables runs over 4 days in Barcelona and is the focus of the World’s tech media because the biggest manufacturers use it as a platform to announce their best and most promising wares then.

Mobile Choice will be at Barcelona bringing you the latest news, hands-on reviews and the goings-on from the event. Here is what you can expect from some of the manufacturers at this year’s event.

Samsung at MWC 2015

The Korean giant have been strangely quiet these past few months. CES 2015 in Las Vegas came and went without any flagship announcements so we are really holding out hope for Samsung to announce not one but two devices. We are hoping for a flagship as well as a high-end fable, or maybe two versions of the flagship? Well, time will tell but while we are still waiting for the Samsung Unpacked event to get underway on Sunday, 1st March at 6:30pm CET, why don't you have a look at what we think you can expect in terms of specs on the new flagship?

Sony at MWC 2015

The Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 range of phones launched in the same year. With a flagship set loose on the market as recently as in September 2014, we wouldn't expect the Japanese manufacturer to unveil another product but there has been rumour of an ‘ultra’ device. A phablet would be pretty cool for them to launch but there are no events scheduled and maybe we should treat it as writing on the wall for what to expect from them?

LG at MWC 2015

The LG Watch Urbane has been announced so we will definitely see it at MWC, but will we also see a G4? Unlikely. LG wouldn’t want to get overshadowed by other Android packed giants and the news of their next flagship launching be lost in the melee. We are thinking an April launch for the G4 and riding the wave of popularity that the G Watch R brought for them.

Huawei at MWC 2015

We do know that the Ascend P8 will launch in April so what will Huawei be announcing at their press conference in Barcelona on Sunday, 1st March? We are thinking smart watch and we are also thinking tablets. Will it be both? Will it just be the one? Two more weeks till we find out!

Microsoft at MWC 2015

The invite is ‘Microsoft Blue’ and features clouds- will the event be about Microsoft’s cloud service? The phenomenal amount of storage Microsoft device users get on there in comparison with the, frankly, piddly 5GB on offer from Apple on iCloud. This is the first time Microsoft will be going to the ball as a phone manufacturer and with the event scheduled for 7:30am on Monday 2nd March, we would expect to see hardware and an array of phones rather than virtual cotton-y dreams.

HTC at MWC 2015

The invite is in. Apparently ‘Utopia’ is in store. Does it mean a flagship? Yes it does. But does it mean anything more, anything more exciting? We think so! We are hoping for a wearable from the winner of the Best Design award at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2014. HTC have always gotten plaudits for their products’ designs and premium look and feel so we are really excited to see what happens in Barcelona at the event!

Acer at MWC 2015

Promising to be ‘a touch more connected’, Acer have a smorgasbord of shiny new tablets and smartphones on offer there. We get to sample them all on Sunday (1st March) morning and will let you know specs and deets as soon as we do!

Alcatel at MWC 2015

There will be devices and even though we don’t know specifically which ones, we are sure they will be as irreverent as the invite promises them to be! More on this Sunday night…

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