Microsoft releases Windows 10 test version fo potential users

By Jay Jay

Microsoft has released the first build of the upcoming Windows 10 technical preview for phones . This is to let members of the Windows Insider programme to get a feel of the new OS in their Windows smartphones.

The Windows Insider programme supports the Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 and 830 devices. Existing Windows phone customers, developers as well as IT pros will look preview the new OS, one that Microsoft claims is still in development and far from perfect.

Speaking on the release, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul said, "We’re sharing it with you so you can be with us at every step, and provide your feedback to help make this the best release ever—because it’s the one made for you." "You will encounter bugs. You will see experiences that are clearly just not done yet, and UX that lacks polish at this point. DON’T WORRY! It will improve as we go and new features, stability and performance improvements, and more polished UX will come at each step," he added.

Windows 10 is set for launch in two versions- one for PCs and tablets larget than 8 inches, and the other for smaller tablets and phones.

The new OS for phones wil let users customize the start screens with background images, use more features from the 'Action Centre' and several new interactive notifications.

Improvements have also been made to the Photos app along with the speech-to-text capability. Users will now be able to save all their pictures in a single location. Once the new OS has been reviewed, Windows Insider members can revert back to their original operating systems via the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

However, Microsoft has issued a warning that trying out the new OS at this stage could be a potential risk for users as there could be a possibility of their phone getting 'bricked.'

The move seems as risk-free and consumer-friendly as it can get. Allowing future users and developers a hands-on experience of the new OS will allow Microsoft to fix bugs and operational issues way before the actual release for the general public.

Users will be able to send feedback and suggestions through the built-in Feedback app in the new OS.

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