Facebook brings in Legacy Accounts to preserve users' memory

Ever wondered what would happen to your beloved Facebook account after you pass on?

Facebook did.

A new feature on the social networking site now lets you add a 'Legacy Contact' who can take care of and manage your account when you are no more.

These would include posting on top of your memorialized timeline, respond to friends requests as well as uploading profile pictures.

However, you will need to give permission to your legacy contact to download photos from archive, your posts as well as profile information. Your private messages will remain secure and the person holding the legacy account will need to login seperately.

In case you choose not to keep a legacy account and wish your Facebook account to be deleted permanently post your death, you can let Facbook know of it.

Before the new feature was developed, Facebook offered a memorialized account of those who passed on for their friends and relatives. By building the new feature, Facebook has assured that the near and dear ones have something to say about the accounts of those who are no more.

The legacy contact feature has been rolled out and will reach all users in the coming days. Once you recieve the setting, here's how to activate it: Open your settings. Choose Security and then Legacy Contact at the bottom of the page. After choosing your legacy contact, you’ll have the option to send a message to that person.

You may give your legacy contact permission to download an archive of the posts, photos and profile info you’ve shared on Facebook.

Even though our Facebook accounts are livelier and full of colour as compared to our most-often bland lives, its time they deserve an insurance too.

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