Google to launch health information app in UK soon

By Jay Jay

Aiming to reap the benefits of its ever-popular search engine, Google is set to launch a new information kit on health and fitness in the search tool as well as through a new app.

Partnering the non-profit Mayo Cinic in the United States, Google aims to provide valuable infomation on health problems and fitness regimen, stopping short of providing actual medical advise which is a sensitive issue across the pond.

Covering over 400 medical conditions including Diabetes and measles, the information kit will include symptoms, treatment, nature of the ailments and more. These will feature in Google's Knowledge Graph- a critical component of Google's instant search results as well as Google's Now personal assistant and app.

Google claims that any information received by its readers would have been vetted by about eleven physicians from Mayo Clinic. The new venture is now Google's second such foray in the health & fitness segment after it's 23andMe genotyping poject was made to stop providing information on genetic diseases by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2013.

Close on the heels of the new launch, word is out that Google is set to launch a similar tool in the UK soon. The move could bring in NHS as partner, one that could bring in a level of integrity in the information provided on health ailments and fitness programmes.

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