Apple applies for patent to unlock cars using iPhones

Connected Home need not stay within the confines of four walls.

As far as Apple are concerned, it includes all your material possessions- including your car parked outside.

So it hardly comes as a surprise that after taking over how you watch television, consume music, pay for your morning coffee and run your marathons, Apple has now applied for a patent on technology that will allow you to unlock your 'key-less' car with your phone.

The exact words being used by them are: "a primary portable device [that] can access a vehicle by transmitting an activation message including a vehicle access credential to the vehicle." 

Even though they have previously been granted a patent for a 'device' to unlock the car, this time it s to directly unlock it using the phone.

Obviously the patent could come to nothing, like a tousand others, but we cannot help but feel very excited about not having to up-end our handbags everytime looking for said keys!

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