Apple finally has plans for Beats Music

Two years after buying Beats Music for an eye-watering £1.8bn, Apple has finally revealed its cards on how its thinking of using the brand.

A streaming service powered by Beats will be integrated into iOS, iTunes and Apple TV, helping users integrate their playlists across devices, prioritise their music library and look for tracks on the iTunes/Beats catalogue.

Gone will be the red/black hues we have come to associate with Beats, Apple will be redisgning the look and feel of the service so it echoes the Apple colour palate more closely. We are thinking silvers and greys…

However, here is some news that will really make you stand up and take notice- Apple are currently also planning on taking the service to Android users.

Work has apparently started on creating an Android app according to 9to5mac and even though surprising, Tim Cook has in the past not been very averse to Android. Another feature that the streaming service will boast is the ability to take playlists offline.

Currently we only know of one service which allows that functionality and that’s MixRadio- who are also building an app for Apple/Android phones. MixRadio is currently preloaded on Windows Devices. Rumours are also rumbling about how Apple are trying their best to keep costs down for subscribers to their music service- about $8/month.

Just about waiting and watching now!

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