Google's Project Tango masters another step

By Jay Jay

Google's 3D camera took another step forward being acknowledged as a grown up when its much touted Project Tango passed the Advanced Technology and Projects  (ATAP) division test with flying colours.

Project Tango is aimed at developing a path-breaking tablet that can enable users to recreate realiy in digital form including both 3D and real time. This is done through synchronization of cameras, movement sensors and depth tracking which users can maniplate as per their whims, mostly for gaming purposes.

Recently, LG reportedly announced that the Tango architecture could be incorporated in its smartphones or tablets to be launched in 2015. Given that Google is serious about seeing the project take off rather than go dry akin to the Google Glass project, it could be very much possible for it to feature later this year.

Speaking on the recent success, Google stated, “After two fast-paced years in ATAP, and many technical successes, the Tango team is transitioning from ATAP to a new home within Google.” Even though no further details have been revealed by Google, we could see the Tango incorporated sooner than later in future Nexus tablets or in devices built by other makers.

Given it's relevance in social projects like policing, traffic management and engineering, Google may see no reason in delaying the actual launch for personal as well as commercial use.

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