Amazon Firephone only £99 for one day only!

In a move seen by many as Amazon putting its hands up and accepting defeat, the online retailer is offering the Firephone for £99 only in the UK for 24 hours.

On offer are the 32GB and 64GB variants available for an amazing £99 and £149 respectively saving customers more than £300 each time! But like all good things in the world, there is a catch. The phone is locked to O2 and cannot be unlocked.

There is of course this other little niggly detail of the phone actually being really really bad. We reviewed the phone back when it launched and let us just say it didn't do well at all.

Amazon have been beset with problems on their first attempt to enter the smartphone realm- branding and pointless technology were to blame.

If you have £100 in your pocket that you could do without, buy this phone. Otherwise just save it for a nice meal out with the better half.

The phone is available here

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