Apple, Sony and Google named in lawsuits

By Jay Jay

Apple's Beats, Sony and Google are among a few companies offering music streaming services that have been sued by Zenbu Magazines, the owner of recordings by Flying Burrito Brothers, Hot Tuna and New Riders of the Purple Sage rock bands of the 70s.

The separate lawsuits allege that the music streaming services have been offering music illegally to their customers that were released prior to 1972.

Zenbu Magazines are claiming the money earned by the defendants by distributing the music, as well as punitive damages to go with a restraining order to stop the music from being offered without a license in future.

Sony's move to offer the alleged music through PlayStation has been called "immoral, unethical, unscrupulous or substantially injurious" by Zenbu Magazines.

The series of lawsuits follows a ruling by a California Court in 2013 that was in favour of The Turtles, a 60s rock band who sued SiriusXM on grounds that the rights to their music were protected at state level.

At the same time, the music band 'Happy Together' has sued Pandora for $25 million for a similar cause. Even though Zenbu Magazines's lawsuits have not attained the status of class action suits, if they do win, the returns could be in the tune of millions of dollars.

Interesting times, indeed.

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