Blackberry want a piece of Apple and a side of Netflix

Whoever thought it was a good idea to get John Chen, the Blackberry boss to write an open letter to Barrack Obama needs to be sacked and pronto.

In the bizzarre letter addressed to the US President, Chen likened the world of mobile phone apps to those of railways in the wild west- in how they transported people, goods to far off lands. "The carriers are like the railways of the last century, building the tracks to carry traffic to all points throughout the country. But the railway cars travelling on those tracks are, in today’s internet world, controlled not by the carriers but by content and applications providers,”

He gave the example of BBM being available on iOS and Android platforms while iMessage that iOS users can use between themselves remains a closed network. The beleaguered manufacturer cited net neutrality laws and said Blackberry users were being discriminated against by the likes of Netflix who don't make their movie streaming service available to them.

In the letter, he further decided to include apps into the whole net neutrality debate under which no company can pay to have their data reach consumers faster. He said more content and applications were available to owners of certain devices and not others and he felt the need to get politicians involved as probably a last ditch attempt to rescue a company whose sales have flat-lined over the past years.

We look forward to what Netflix would have to say about that!

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