Microsoft launches its next-gen HoloLens with Windows 10

By Jay Jay

Microsoft's new HoloLens is turning heads like no other device in the year that went by.

Synchronised with the latest Windows 10, HoloLens brings with it a new era of holographic computing- mixing digital imaging with real-time contours in our surroundings.

With a thick headband-like appearance, the HoloLens bears a light and adjustable band like most VR headsets. The visor caries a transparent lens containing a CPU, a GPU, a holographic processor and an audio device that lets you hear your holograms speak.

Advanced motion and environment sensors cap the device that Microsoft calls "the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen." The most user-frendly feature of the HoloLens is that there are no wires involved.

Launched along with Microsoft's Windows Holographic- an augmented reality experience that mixes our real time visions with hologram effects, the HoloLens let you try your creative skills on real time landscapes- like blowing a hole through a wall, walking on Mars and placing a castle on your table.

Speaking at the launch, CEO Satya Nadella said that the HoloLens will be available in the Windows 10 time frame- which could mean this year, and that it will be priced for both enterprises as well as consumers. A

lex Kipman, Microsoft's main man for the HoloLens project, says it is all about firting with the virtual world and moving beyond it. He added that a collaboration with NASA had a major impact on the HoloLens' performance and that other manufacturers should try to build their holograms to work with it.

Though we believe that the Windows 10 OS will launch in the summer, getting to see the HoloLens in Microsoft's stores around the same time would be great for consumers.

However, it will be interesting to see if the HoloLens follows the disappointing turnover of the Google Glass or turns out to be a rousing success.

Our vote is for the latter.

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