Microsoft to unveil the Windows 10 tomorrow

By Jay Jay

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the next edition of the popular Windows operating system- the Windows 10, as per a WSJ report.

This will begin with a day-long press conference on Wednesday that will be chaired by CEO Satya Nadella and other Microsoft officials.

Mr. Nadella is expected to offer a detailed preview of the new version that faces fresh challenges after the failure of the Windows 8 edition.

At the conference, Microsoft will demonstrate the Windows 10's co-existence with the Xbox videogaming system and the new Office productivity software bundle. Further updates could be releaved on a voice-activated digital assistant and a new mobile web browser.

Being the source of almost 80 per cent of Microsoft's profits, the new version of Windows will be a major challenge for CEO Nadella who has recently upsold Microsoft's fringe products like the Office and Azure.

Several modifications could include phasing out features added in Windows 8 like smartphone like apps, and making the Windows 10 look and feel more like the good ol' Windows 7. A first for the Windows family could be a common software foundation between PCs, tablets, smartphones and Xbox.

If this features in the Windows 10, the subsequent gigantic user base would be a lucrative option for developers to develop cross-device apps, thus rescuing Microsoft's smartphone business in the process.

Given the high stakes involved, Windows may also introduce new add-on services and apps like the Skype video calling service, OneDrive file storage and digital video downloads.

A monthly subscription plan could also be on the cards. We cant' wait to get a glimpse of the Windows 10 tomorrow, as well as some great features and updates.

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