Apple to launch it's first stylus for the iPad Pro

By Jay Jay

Apple is working on launching it's first new stylus that's rumoured to work on the new 12.2 inch iPad Pro.

Ming Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, who broke the news to Apple Insider, also said that Apple could launch the stylus by the second quarter of the year.

Having won 22 patents on its stylus technology, Apple would find it hard to refute such claims, although, perhaps unsurprisingly, we are yet to hear from Apple on the new revelation.

The patented technology include an 'input device having extendable nib', a 'Stylus Adapted For Low Resolution Touch Sensor Panels' as well as features like camera, audio recorder, laser pointer and power source.

Kuo, however, said that he doesn't expect Apple to incorporate the patented features in the first stylus, and that they may appear as upgrades in future versions, including 3D handwriting.

The first stylus, rumoured as the smart iPen in some circles, may however feature the writing function, a speaker and haptic feedback.

Steve Jobs was said to be a vocal critic of the stylus at the time Apple launched it's first iPad. Kuo believes that Apple may have re-considered launching it's own stylus for the convenience it provides.

'A stylus can be more convenient to use than the combination of keyboard and mouse in some cases,' he added.

Though this comes as a great surprise for Apple users across the world, especially those of the iPads, we would rather wait to hear from Apple on this soon.

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