LG G4 features leaked!

Its game on now.

While Apple's upcoming iPad Mini and Samsung's prospective Galaxy S5 have been hogging the limelight for a while now, LG has inadvertently sprung up in today's headlines thanks to a new leak on its upcoming G4 smartphone.

Leaked details point towards a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor for LG's new flagship device. This comes as a little surprise at a time when most smartphone processors are undergoing the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit configurations.

The new processor should allow LG to field a 4GB RAM or higher. A leaked image from techmaniacs.gr, a Greek tech website, also revealed a 16MP sensor for the G4's camera- featuring a maximum resolution of an impressive 5312x2988 pixels.

If this is true, the G4's camera will be one of the newsmakers in the tech space this year.

On top of these, the website also leaked the G4's display to be a 2560x1440 pixel QHD screen- a tad higher than the IPS LCD screen that features in the existing LG G3 smartphone.

Even though there has been no mention of the G4's release date by LG so far, we should expect an announcement close to the Mobile World Congress come March.

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