Samsung launches Z1- the first Tizen OS based smartphone

By Jay Jay

After flirting with high expectations and shifting launch dates over the past two years, Samsung has finally launched its first Tizen smartphone- the 4" Samsung Z1.

That's where the excitement should probably end.

Launched in India, the Z1 hardly offers anything that's the stuff of dreams to smartphone users and first time buyers.

With a mere 768 MB RAM, probably the lowest among smartphones, the Z1 offers 4GB of internal storage supported by a microSD slot.

The camera loads a disappointing 3.1 MP resolution while the processor- relieved of its Android duties- is a dual core 1.2GHz chip.

The launch price, however, confirms that Samsung didn't intend to take on the bullies. At a reasonable £60, the phone could be just fit for budget buyers and first-time users.

We are also keen to see if the low memory base can support heavy browsing and gaming duties on a Tizen OS, though Samsung says it can.

Describing the new phone as a "lightweight Tizen platform" Samsung is also offering free entertainment content along with 3G support, WiFi and Bluetooth operability. At such a low price, it seems more apt to say that Samsung isn't willing to take a risk with Tizen just yet.

We can't wait to give it a light run on the road though.

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