Apple wins patent on new digital camera

Imagine you are on an adventure trip up in the hills, and the dusk gives you an unforgettable setting that you wish you could capture with a light mounted camera and a really cool microphone, and not a bulky digicam.

Apple is building the perfect device for you.

As revealed by Patently Apple yesterday, Apple Inc has remarkably won a recent patent on a new digital camera system with remote control. The new patented product includes an image Capture Module that contains a first image sensor for capturing digital images and a first optical system for forming an image of a first portion of a scene onto the first image sensor, and a first wireless communication system. Also included in the system is a Remote Control Module that has a remote control status display, battery-operated power supply, user controls, a wireless communication system and a power management system.

Apple, by way of the patent, has introduced a few firsts in the digital image capture market. First, users will have the ability to control the image capture module through remotes. Second, the remote control module can turn itself on a reduced power mode after a period of inactivity, saving valuable battery life in the process.

The new device can also be used to take pictures underwater, and its microphone can record sounds in the air as well as under the water. Filed in 2012, the outstanding feature of the patent is the ability to be secured to objects like a a scuba mask or a bike helmet or being mounted on a surf board or bicycle handrebars.

Though we do not have any updates yet on when and in what way will the new patent be introduced by Apple, the patent surely paves the way for Apple to lead the future of digital image and video capturing.

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