Is the Xperia Z4 Music Sony's next big surprise?

By Jay Jay

Sony is reportedly working on introducing the new Xperia Z4 Music- a variant of the existing Xperia Z4 built exclusively for music connoisseurs.

Revealed by iGeek recently in the web, the new device is rumoured to feature a Walkman interface for playing music and FM radio. Also featuring is a square touch-pad that resembles the circular pad in iPods in terms of functionality.

The stand out feature in the Xperia Z4 Music is reportedly the hi-res audio codec support. Famed for its superior music quality, Sony may emerge as a clear winner in the MP3 playback market once the new device is launched. Apart from headphone support, the device is armed with S-Force PRO speakers that promise better audio quality as well as sound levels.

Though the Xperia Z4 Music stands as tall as the existing Z4, it certainly looks leaner and user-friendly.

Even though the rumour doesn't come as a surprise for most of us while in the midst of CES, it surely is pleasant for most music lovers who were hoping for a device with music as its core USP.


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