Curious about how the Apple Watch works? Here's a demo for starters

By Jay Jay

So you have heard about the Apple Watch and how it works. But if the long wait for a launch date seems tiresome, here's an online demo offering a hands on experience that'll get you working.

Developers working on the Pipes News app have rolled out a new website that serves as an Apple Watch simulator- featuring apps, music, settings, e-mails, games and Glances. The website, named, let's you move your mouse around a digital version of the Apple Watch and view the settings, listen to a Cold Play song, start up Clash of Clans, read e-mail and hit the Digital Crown to go back to the main menu.

The site, being a demo, doesn't offer a range of songs to choose from, nor would it let you tweak the settings or actually play the games. It's just about perfect in giving you a feel of the highly anticipated Watch, stopping just short of letting you get used to it.

Though the actual launch of the Apple Watch is still a mystery, the new demo seems enough to keep you interested for the time bring.

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