Samsung launches the new Galaxy A7

By Jay Jay

As was revealed on their official blog yesterday, Samsung have announced the launch of the new Galaxy A7.

Here are its key specs:

Look & Feel

The A7, the slimmest Samsung phone till date, sports a 6.3" body with 5.5" occupied by the 720p Super AMOLED display. Armed with a full metal frame, the device weighs a mere 141g- just 18g heavier than the little brother Galaxy A5 with a 5" body.


The Galaxy A7 is being launched in two variants- the LTE version supported by an Exynos 5430 chip and the dual SIM variant supported by a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 CPU.


As with the Galaxy A5 launched in October, the Galaxy A7's front camera packs up 5MP resolution while the rear camera maintains a competitive 13MP. Samsung hasn't revealed any special camera features here that are not on the A3 or the A5.

Brawn & Brain

The A7 runs 4.4.2 Android KitKat and even though the 64-bit Snapdragon processor paves the way for extensive memory and speed, Samsung has limited the A7 to a conservative 2GB RAM. The internal space available isnt alarming at 16GB, though a microSD slot will ensure you won't fret over where to keep your favourite songs and videos.

With no major upgrades in the interior, it seems for now that the 2300 mAh battery will have to suffice.

Price & Availability

Samsung has been discreet enough so as to not announce a release date for the Galaxy A7 as yet.

We may safely assume though that we'll hear from Samsung on this by the end of the quarter. With the release date yet to be announced, it may seem immature for Samsung to announce a price for the variants now. It has, however, calmed a few nerves by promising a competitive price point for the Galaxy A7.

Our Take

If you've liked the specs on A5 and feel that just a larger display would've been perfect, then you don't need to think twice.

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