Intel announces its first wearable processor Curie

The future of wearables became more coherent with Intel launching an absolutely tiny hardware called Curie at CES 2015.

A processor for wearables, Curie comes equipped with Low-power, 32-bit Intel® QuarkTM microcontroller along with 384kB flash memory, 80kB SRAM and motion sensors.

Installed in pendants, rings, buttons and jewellery, it has the potential to measure health related stats as well as carrying out all the functions hitherto associated with smart watches and phones. There is one problem though, it is yet to be certified by FCC but once that comes through, Curie will start shipping later this year.

This also makes the manufacture of wearables cheaper and especially owing to the size, adventurous designers can really go to town with the designs.

To help jog research and development of wearables powered by Curie along, Intel are providing the Intel IQ Software Kit to potential partners.

Furthermore, they also announced a strategic collaboration with Oakley, the luxury eyewear brand to create wearables that could help athletes improve their performance. 


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