Returns policy on iTunes changes, scares musicians

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Apple have announced that from now on, consumers will be able to get a full refund on digital content purchased from the iTunes store unto 14 days after purchase.

Although this is going to make iOS users very happy, the move has miffed app developers and coders who worry that this may give rise to ‘renters’ who will download games and apps, use them for two weeks then ask for a refund on them.

This could lead people to increasingly buy music albums, download and listen to them for two weeks then cancel their purchases for a full refund. The move makes Apple offer more rights than even the European regulations that let companies refuse the right of withdrawal once the ‘performance’ of digital content has started- like playback on downloaded albums or playing games that have been download onto a device.

EU guidelines came into force in June and ask online retailers to give users a ‘right of withdrawal’ from a purchase but this move by Apple is sure to impress lawmakers too!

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