BT tanks in UK broadband CSAT survey

By Jay Jay

BT emerged as the worst performer among broadband services in the UK as per a customer satisfaction survey that also featured Virgin Media, Talktalk and Sky.

The survey conducted by Ofcom comes as a spoiler just a day after BT announced a £12.5bn deal to take over EE as part of a re-entry strategy in the wireless telecom sector.

While Sky and Virgin Media improved their scores over last year’s with 75% and 76% satisfaction respectively, BT sank lower than last year’s figures from 63% to 60%. Talktalk maintained its ratings at 62%. The average rating for the industry is 69% as per the Ofcom survey.

BT’s broadband offer at up to 84Mbps currently lags behind Virgin Media’s 152MBps, even though its higher than those offered by Sky (76Mbps) and Talktalk (38Mbps). BT’s customer satisfaction ratings dipped on broadband speed issues and customers not being happy about their broadband packages.

It fared no better in customer satisfaction ratings on landlines where its ratings dipped compared to the 2013 figures.

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