Microsoft flashes real-time Skype translator and will fix Lumia 535 touchscreen bug soon

By Jay Jay

It is a day when we cannot seem to get away from Microsoft... 

Microsoft's Skype app will start translating all calls that people have using the application today.

A result of years of research and develpoment by Microsoft, English and Spanish speakers will be able to converse in their native languages. Even though it was German that Microsoft used to demo it but in the initial rollout/test, Spanish will be the only language that will be translated into text in real time.

Here's the video they released to show how it works...

In other news, Microsoft’s first ‘non-Nokia’ Lumia smartphone, the Lumia 535, got its own share of troubles when Microsoft admitted to a bug that affected its touchscreen performance.

Flagged by several users, the Lumia 535’s touchscreen struggled with touch inputs and developed sensitivity issues in the midst of an industry where optimum performance is a major driver of long term success.

Microsoft has reportedly accepted the presence of the bug that inhibits usage of swipe-styled keyboards and activation of menu buttons in the smartphone and claimed that a fix for the bug will be rolled out soon.

It is believed that the ‘Ease of Access’ option in the phone’s settings improves the touchscreen performance to an extent but does not resolve it totally. Even though Microsoft has not revealed when the patch would be rolled out, we believe it will be sooner than later given the expected launch of a number of rival devices come new year.

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