Windows 10 leaks, Microsoft shrugs it off

By Jay Jay

Microsoft have been surprisingly laid back about the latest leaks to have hit the company- 'How could we be upset about lots of people wanting to try our new stuff? We'd prefer you stick to official builds though.' said Gabe Aul, the engineering general manager for Microsoft's OS group.

And now about the leaks in question- for the first time since Microsoft announced the development of  Windows 10 in late September, has claimed to have laid its hands on specifications that could be fielded in the new OS from Microsoft.



The new leak reveals a new user interface named Cortana which is a major facelift over the existing platform alongside new wallpapers. The new OS is also set to feature various new apps like voice-based virtual assistant, Store Beta- a work in progress for Microsoft’s own app store, settings, camera, Remind Me, Contact Support, Get Started, alarms, maps, photos and calculator.

The most promising app yet to feature in any Microsoft OS is the overhauled Xbox app which could enable Xbox One gamers to pay on the PCs- a move aimed at regaining the fading popularity of PCs in modern gaming.

Apart from the Cortana, all new apps as well as existing ones have gone through complete UI overhall to give the display a complete new look. said, ‘Apps throughout the operating system are being updated too. A whole number of apps have been given a complete UI overhaul, and we expect many more apps to join in on the facelift soon.

This is our first proper look at the direction in which the Modern UI is going, and it's definitely a positive one.’

Microsoft is expected to unveil all new and major features of the Windows 10 in its upcoming event ‘The New Chapter’ on January 21, 2015.

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