Facebook drops Bing, life carries on

By Jay Jay

Facebook has reportedly introduced its own search tool for the Graphic Search platform in its website, replacing Bing as the traditional search tool for millions of users across the web.

The move is intended towards enabling additional features for the users to search for their friends’ comments and posts. Facebook has also recently added features like trending news section and live feeds to enhance the users’ ability to search latest news and updates.

While Bing provided links to standalone websites apart from information within Facebook, the new tool would provide search results from within Facebook only, as reported by Reuters. The new tool is in sync with Mark Zuckerberg’s comments a few months ago when he stressed on the search being one of Facebook’s ‘key growth initiatives’.

With over a billion search queries per day, Zuckerberg believed the vast information available within the social networking website would suffice over the need to search the entire web. However, as a company spokesman told Reuters, the move wouldn’t signal an end to Facebook’s partnership with Microsoft that owns Bing, stating that "We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas.” This seems to be Facebook’s second major offensive aimed at Google’s market stature after the success of the Facebook Messenger.

While Google is still the runaway leader in the search engine rivalry, Facebook with over 1.35 billion users in its kitty would present a major challenge in the coming days.

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