CAT 10 4G mobile internet to be possible by next year via EE

By Jay Jay

In a move that will pleasantly surprise consumers, EE is all set to bring in the fastest ever CAT 10 4G mobile internet to the UK by 2015.

Preparing for the testing of the upcoming CAT 9 at the Wembley Stadium in the next two months, EE believes that the next upgrade to CAT 10 could possibly happen as early as in 2015.

The Best Network winner at this year's Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, EE will be the first carrier to operate CAT 10 in the UK with Vodafone tipped to be joining the race around the same time. 4G services in the UK currently run at speeds of CAT 6, which is almost a third of the 450 Mbps EE claims CAT 9 and CAT 10 would provide.

While metropolitan areas traditionally tend to have greater bandwidth than in the country, it remains to be seen if CAT 10 would usher in a consistency in mobile internet speeds across the UK.

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