Future iPhones to fire laser beams

By Jay Jay

From rotating 'midair' phones to firing laser beams, a look at patents from Apple are enough to make you feel that future iPhones will not look out of place in James Bond's arsenal of impossibly futuristic gizmos.

Apple has won a patent on a unique laser beam mapping technology on December 4th from the USPTO.

Believed to have been invented for use in future iPhones and other devices, the new technology uses a laser sensor and a laser beam to measure shapes, distances, volume and attributes of environmental objects inside a room.

Patently Apple reports that the new technology may apply to cellphones, media players, wrist watch devices, pendants, gaming equipments, notebooks and tablets. This points to a possibility that such technology will feature in future iPhones, iPads as well as Apple Watches.

Using laser sensors and positional circuitry in the gadgets, the technology can use additional features like accelerometer and gyroscope to collect data on surfaces, area, volume, distances and virtual images.

While the technology collects data on a three-axis mode, Apple has so far avoided usage of the 3D terminology for the patent. Even though not in practice yet, the patent opens up a world of possibilities for the iPhone family where users would be able to create 3D images of buildings, recreate historic buildings as well as monitoring real-time traffic.

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