Tag Heuer enters the smartwatch race

By Jay Jay

While mobile tech giants continued to churn out smartwatches every day- traditional watchmakers hve been lying low and have had a very muted response to the 'smart' explosion in the wearables market.

Smartwatches bring a dimension to timepieces that could not have been imagined before and we thought they wouldnt be worried about this onslaught on their turf.

Until now...

Business Insider reveals that Tag Heuer are now ready to jump into the fray. The analog watch giant is set to launch its new ‘smartwatch’ containing a range of features that will be able to calculate steps taken, calories burnt and sleep patterns. Even though this falls short of features that Apple, LG, Motorola and Samsung possess, one may still call it revolutionary.

The report also reveals that having been previously disdainful of smartphone-turned-smartwatch makers, Tag Heuer will stick to its metal frame and analog dial with a leather band. The touch screen is yet to take shape.

Renowned for its sleek and attractive design, Tag Huer’s head of watches Jean-Claude Biver had some incredibly scathing words about the upcoming Apple Watch: ‘To be totally honest, it (Apple Watch) looks like it was designed by a student in their first trimester.’

The move is set to launch a bitter race for supremacy in the long run.

Though it will be interesting to see if established brands could outlive competition from smartwatch pioneers, what will surely change is how we see and use our watches in the future.

The launch is set to take place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas between 5th to 9th January 2015.

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