Apple deleted rivals’ songs from iPods, claims lawsuit

By Jay Jay

A $350 million class action antitrust lawsuit has dragged Apple to court accusing it of deliberately deleting songs originating from rival music services from its users’ iPods from 2007 to 2009.

As per The Wall Street Journal, the suit alleged that when users synced their iPods with the iTunes music library, error messages popped up instructing the users to restore their factory settings.

Once restored, all the music that the user streamed from rival music services would disappear from the iPods. It further alleged that iPod users were never informed of Apple’s actions, stifling competition and forcing users to pay more for Apple’s iPods and services. In response, Apple has admitted to the move contending that it was done as a ‘legitimate security measure.’

All updates containing non-Apple music were deleted to prevent its music library and users’ iPods from system break-ins by hackers like ‘DVD Jon’ and ‘Requiem’. Apple further stated that it didn’t need to give users too much information and that it didn’t want to confuse them.

Reportedly, a decade-old video of Steve Jobs has been placed as evidence against Apple. If found guilty, Apple may be forced to cough up in excess of $1 billion which is three times the suit value given the suit falls under the antitrust category.

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