Apple wins patent for ‘rotating’ iPhone in free fall

By Jay Jay

Apple has won a patent from the USPTO for a technology that enables the iPhone to avoid crash landing once on a free fall.

The technology’s ‘Auto-pilotesque’ features allow it to detect when it is on a free fall and to identify its distance and angle from the ground.

Just before the phone hits a surface, the technology rotates the phone so it lands on its ‘mathematically least vulnerable’ part. In a technology-driven world where we are constantly amazed by tehnological breakthroughs like watches that let you communicate, glasses that can read email and bendable phones, the new ‘mid-air self rotating phone’ surely stands out.

It is believed that the patented technology makes synchronized use of existing components and sensors in the iPhone like GPS, Compass, Camera, speakers, accelerometer and gyroscopic sensor etc to perform.

There’s some use for the phone’s vibrating function as well. To place the phone on a proper trajectory to avoid risky contact with the ground, the motor used in the vibrating function is used to propel the iPhone to a precise angle.

This comes as good news for those prone to dropping their phones quite regularly. Even though use of sapphire or the Gorilla Glass has strengthened modern phones to withstand heavy contacts, Apple’s new rotating tech is a better shot at minimizing damage to its iPhones that everyone cannot afford.

It will be interesting to see if the next iPhones will come armed with this new piece of fine technology.

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